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The New Face of Vinyl is a project that explores why young people across the United States have started a digital “devolution” by becoming vinyl record enthusiasts. Throughout the country, young people are buying more and more vinyl, thus getting back to the analog roots of listening to music. Collecting and listening to vinyl has become a unique experience for many teens and young adults throughout the world who have chosen to explore the once forgotten black wax. Photographer Ben Meadors and writer Owen McCafferty are setting out to discover what vinyl means to these enthusiasts, and will create a full color photo book along with a narrative to tell the story.

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CNET - Steve Guttenburg
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The Vinyl District
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June Update!

It's been a busy summer so far for Ben and I and we apologise for leaving you all in the dark these past months. Now that Ben has graduated and moved to NYC and I have finished some unfinished business, I can finally sit down to update you all on the progress of the book.

We finished up in San Francisco at Grooves Inspiralled and Amoeba Records, plus a few more young enthusiasts. Tomorrow we head to sunny Los Angeles!

Busy day today! Finishing up tomorrow then headed to LA!

We are on the west coast! Portland is the first city on the list, and we are so glad to be here! Follow the blog/twitter for more! @newfaceofvinyl

New Face of Vinyl Heads to Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in March; Oh, and a Long Needed Update As Well

OK, now that NYC and Chicago are out of the way we get to enjoy some warmer weather. Portland is our next stop on March 5th; we will spend about three days there until heading down to San Francisco, and then finally Los Angeles.

We are almost finished in Chicago! Check out our website for more at

We've finished up in NYC and are on our way to Chicago!

We made it to the big apple! Brooklyn today, Manhattan tomorrow! Follow us on twitter at @newfaceofvinyl.

This Time Last Year

This time last year I was sitting around on new years day, bored out of my mind. Bored enough to take a self-portrait (yikes). I ended up taking a picture of myself with my record collection, and that got my brain whirring.

New Face of Vinyl on Box of Sound

Check out Owen's interview with Bill Camarata of Box of Sound right here:

Let The Planning Commence!

We have had several donors and friends ask about the current stage of the project thus far so I thought I would fill you all in on what is going on behind the scenes:

The New Face of Vinyl: Funded! Thank You!

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who supported Owen and I in this project. We are anxious to start planning out each city. Keep checking back here for updates. In the meantime our work is just beginning.

New Face of Vinyl: Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland

The New Face of Vinyl is off to a fantastic start. Although we are only 53% funded, Owen and I decided to get things rolling and headed down to Gotta Groove Records right outside of Downtown Cleveland. We are lucky to call Cleveland our hometown, allowing us to get a head start on the book.

Vinyl Enthusiasts Series - Starting Off Proper

Continuing my series on young vinyl enthusiasts, may I present perhaps one of the most dedicated collectors I know. Owen is a very good friend of mine and also has been collecting vinyl for most of his life. To date he owns about 4000 records. 

New Project...Vinyl Enthusiasts!

Many photographers don't spend any time at all shooting what they love, only what their editor or contract requires. When was the last time you shot something just for your own enjoyment? With that in mind, I have decided to take a series of portraits of young folks with their record players.