Welcome to the New Face of Vinyl status update page. We hope to keep this as up to the second as possible in regards to what is going on with the book and give you a better idea of when to expect completion.  Check back often as (hopefully) these should change daily.

Photography: This section is not listed because it is complete. All photographs for the interviews have been taken.

Writing: This is the literal “writing” of the text. It involves transcribing the audio recording into text then selecting text to write the actual part of the chapter.

Not Started: the interviews & pictures have been taken but Owen hasn’t started the process of   writing this specific part yet

In Progress: the audio recording has been made into a transcription and Owen is currently drafting/writing this section.

Complete: the section is completely drafted and was sent to Ben for his opinion. These sections are ready for a professional editor.

Introduction: This section has not been started so it is not listed. This means the person we have chosen to write our introduction is currently in the process of composing. We cannot submit the manuscript to the printers until this is complete and edited.

Forward: This section has not been started so it is not listed. Forward means Ben is busy writing the “forward” to the book. The book cannot be sent to the printers until this section is complete and edited.

Editing: This section has not been started so it is not listed. Editing means the manuscript has been submitted to a professional editor before the book is sent to the printers.

Layout: This section has not been started so it is not listed. Layout means the contents of the book are being laid out for the printer including the overall design of the inner and out parts such as the clover, sleeve and internal pages. This also includes the process of editing photos and choosing which photos will go with each section.

Printing: This section has not been started so it is not listed. Printing means the manuscript and layout have been sent to the printers and will be in your hands soon.

Please be patient as we continue to work on this wonderful project and we thank you for all of your support and understanding. You have all been so amazing. You can also contact either of us at vinyl@benmeadors.com and you can call us 24/7 at (646) 543-4394 with any questions, concerns, complaints or words of encouragement (the latter are always helpful).

Thanks again,

Owen & Ben


The New Face of Vinyl: Youth’s Digital Devolution

By Owen M. McCafferty II & Bejamin W. Meadors

Project Status

Writing – Drafts (IN PROGRESS)

  • New York City (In Progress)
    • Halcyon the Shop (In progress)
    • Good Records (COMPLETE)
    • Other Music (COMPLETE)
    • Jess (COMPLETE)
    • Jake (COMPLETE)
    • Adam (In Progress)


  • Cleveland (Not Started)
    • Royal Garden Records (Not started)
    • Music Saves (Not started)
    • My Mind’s Eye (Not started)
    • Emily (Not started)
    • Todd (Not started)
    • Jordan (In Progress)


  • Chicago (In Progress)
    • Beverly Records (COMPLETE)
    • Gramaphone Records (In Progress)
    • Permanente Records (In Progress)
    • Brad (COMPLETE)
    • Doug (COMPLETE)
    • Nailia (COMPLETE)


  • Portland (Not Started)
    • Mississippi Records (Not started)
    • Music Millennium (Not started)
    • Smut Vintage (Not started)
    • Zach (Not started)
    • Dave (Not started)
    • Devan (Not Started)


  • San Francisco (In Progress)
    • Ameoba Records SF (Not started)
    • Aquarius Records (COMPLETE)
    • Grooves (Not Started)
    • Groove Merchant (COMPLETE)
    • Austin (COMPLETE)
    • Joey (IN PROGRESS)
    • Owen B. (COMPLETE)


  • Los Angeles (Not Started)
    • Freakbeat Records (Not Started)
    • Turntable Lab (Not Started)
    • Wombleton Records (Not Started)
    • Orlando (Not Started)
    • Michelle (Not Started)
    • Clay (Not Started)