Vinyl Enthusiasts Series - Starting Off Proper


Continuing my series on young vinyl enthusiasts, may I present perhaps one of the most dedicated collectors I know. Owen is a very good friend of mine and also has been collecting vinyl for most of his life. To date he owns about 4000 records. As long as I've known him, he has always demanded the best in audio quality, land yachts and tea. Some of our colleagues call him an old man but in true Owen fashion he tells them to blow it out their arse.


Owen's collection ranges all over the place and his knowledge of vinyl and it's history is second to none. He also has a wonderful old Victrola player in perfect condition. It's a wonderful piece and really takes you back in time. I should note Owen is in the process of digitizing all his 78s before they get too dilapidated. For those of you not in the know, every time you play a 78 on an old phonograph like a Victrola, the large stylus (or needle) damages the grooves, eventually rendering the shellac disc useless. Newer discs made out of vinyl suffer less from this problem.



Another thing Owen has is a lot of record players. A bit of clarification: a turntable is just the platter and tone arm, while a record player is a self-contained unit with an amplifier and speaker.  He told me he used to lug this one around to all his friends houses to play 45s. Owen has 4 or 5 of these players, sitting around in various states of disrepair or in some cases perfect condition.



 Owen is one of the few younger people I've met that enjoys vinyl for its audio qualities, rather than its nostalgic or novelty appeal. As I continue this series I hope to further explore what vinyl means to different people. More tk...