Week in Review

Sorry for the lack of updates concerning the New Face of Vinyl. Owen and I have been particularly busy with the first month back at University and with planning out the trip to the west coast. It's coming soon, I promise.

In the meantime, I've been prepping for a regional production of Spring Awakening. I'm playing bass in the band, as well as photographing the show. It's one of my favorite musical theatre productions, mostly because of the grit and agressive nature of the show which isn't common for music theatre. Shooting the rehearsal was quite tricky, as there was hardly any light at all. I had the ISO cranked to 6400 on my 5D, and it was at times a bit too dark still. But lightroom's noise reduction is getting pretty darn good, so I was able to get some usable shots at any rate.

As well as spending most hours of my day rehearsing my parts for SA, I've been catching up on publicity photos for the college. Mr. Marmalade is in the final stages of rehearsal over at the theatre department and I shot some images for it earlier in the week. The story is about a young girl with a surprisingly adult mindscape, who conjurs up an imaginary friend with a penchant for cocaine and abuse. Pictured below is young Lucy with her imaginary friend Mr. Marmalade's personal assistant, also imaginary.

Finally, this week snow came to Cleveland, in what seems like the mildest winter in years, and I was out in it shooting headshots with Zach. We braved the weather and got some great shots. Look for pictures next week from the dress rehearsal of Spring Awakening!