This Time Last Year

The New Face of Vinyl: Ben's Collection

The New Face of Vinyl: Ben's Collection

This time last year I was sitting around on new years day, bored out of my mind. Bored enough to take a self-portrait (yikes). I ended up taking a picture of myself with my record collection, and that got my brain whirring. I decided it would be neat to create portraits of other people my age with their record players. I had a few friends who loved vinyl and I was sure there were more. A week later I photographed Owen and then I took a break from the project for a while.

A few months later, I heard about Kickstarter and showed the site to Owen. We decided to start the project, both of us fairly confident that we would not reach the funding goal. We reached our funding goal with days to spare, after a lengthy PR campaign. Many thanks to Steve Guttenberg at CNET and Michael Fremer of MusicAngle for their support of our project.

Now, exactly a year to the date that I started this project on a whim, Owen and I leave for NYC and Chicago to start interviewing people and stores. We head to the west coast in March to do more of the same. Then the hard bit of writing a book starts.

I'm beyond grateful for everyone's support and cannot wait to get started! I'm going to attempt to do a video blog/written post every day of the trip, so check back here, the tumblr, and the Facebook page for more!