Headshots that will get you work

Your headshot can work for you. I take years of experience as a photographer, plus feedback from casting directors, agents, and managers to create headshots that will make you look great and get you called in to the audition room. My clients are working on TV, Broadway, Off-Broadway and touring regionally and internationally.

What You Get

  • Every session starts off with a consultation. We talk about you, your career, your long-term goals and how I can help you achieve them. 
  • A 1.5-2 hour photoshoot in my studio. No limit on looks. We work together until we get what you need to succeed. 
  • Digital delivery of a gallery of images, hand picked by you and me together after the shoot. 
  • Finally I’ll deliver to you 3 retouched images in hi-res ready for the printshop of your choice 2 days after your final approval of image

What A Shoot Is Like

First and foremost all my shoots are low-stress. So many actors make getting headshots a high stakes endeavor and it’s totally unnecessary. Don’t come in worrying about nailing a look, we will get what you need. Bring your own tunes and play them on my stereo. I even have a turntable if you want to bring your favorite album on vinyl (see my Vinyl project elsewhere on this site, I’m a huge nerd about it). We might have a cocktail, I might toss you a guitar to noodle on, and we’ll just keep on shooting. 

I shoot using high-quality lights that make your skin and hair look amazing. I don’t use flashes so your eyes won’t be blinded. We typically go through the images as we shoot to see what’s working and what isn’t, adjust, and then nail the next photos. By the end of the shoot, we’ll have narrowed it down to 8-10 images that we’re both really happy with. I’ll send those to you digitally and send you on your way. 

A Note on Makeup

Your headshot should look like you on an audition day. There can't be a mismatch between what your headshot looks like and what you look like in reality. Casting directors really don't like that. So unless you, in the unlikely event, go get your hair and makeup done before every audition, I don't think it's a necessity. I'm always open to having a makeup/hair artist but it's something we need to discuss beforehand. 

What Does It Cost Me

A session is $495. It includes everything that I’ve mentioned above:

  • A consultation discussing you, your career, and long-term goals and how I can help you achieve them. 

  • 1.5 - 2 hour photoshoot with the best equipment available

  • Digital delivery of an gallery of lo-res images, hand picked by you and me at the shoot. I choose the images based on my years of experience and feedback from casting directors, agents, and managers.

  • Delivery of 3 hi-res retouched images of your choice, ready to be printed wherever you want, 2 days after final approval. Final delivery is typically 3-4 days after the shoot.